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Why Our Bags

Why should you choose a FrankieLou bag over others?

1. Our materials are sourced from all over the world to bring you the very best quality. Our leather and thread is made in Ecuador, the lining fabric is from Colombia, hardware comes from a company in Massachusetts, USA, and our zippers are YKK® from Japan.

2. Our bags are sewn in Ecuador. We have visited the workshop and our parents visit regularly to ensure that the working conditions are good. We pay the leather smiths a fair livable wage, which is very important to us and a big reason we produce in Ecuador is to help provide job opportunities where there might not be many options.

3. We produce small batch bags and they are all hand sewn. This allows for quality control as well as the flexibility to have multiple options for each bag model. 

4. We use solid brass hardware for our bags so that the color won't tarnish or chip off. This does add to the weight of the bag, but the quality is worth it. 

5. We have made the straps wider and longer than many bags to allow for them to fit anyone comfortably. 

6. We include a tassel/key chain, designed by Rainforest Ivory, which is hand-carved from tagua by artisans in Ecuador. Tagua is a nut that grows on a palm tree in the Ecuadorian rain forest. It is a fully sustainable Eco-friendly material.

7. Our bags are designed to last. Most diaper bags are disposable or break after the first years, we want you to love your bag and carry it long after your babies are grown.