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Our Story

It all began when I was pregnant with my second child and was hunting for the perfect diaper bag. I couldn’t find one so we decided to make our own. It has always been a dream of ours to start a business that I could run from home and have a more flexible schedule to be available for our children as they grow and start school. We wanted our business to have ties to Ecuador where my husband is from and our family lives. They produce some of the best leather there and so our project began as I designed leather diaper bags and we gathered materials from around the world to produce our Frankie Lou bags. 

The name Frankie Lou comes from a combination of my daughter's name (Francesca aka Frankie) and my own middle name (Louise). I owe the final name to my childhood best friend Polly. The names of each bag design are names of those who are important to me and my family (many more people will be represented as we release future models). 

As you explore our page you will find that the sand dollar is a reoccurring symbol. It is seen in our logo, on the lining fabric, and also on the tassel that hangs on the bag. I grew up visiting my grandmother's house in San Felipe, Baja California where countless hours were spent combing the beaches for shells. The favorite find was always the sand dollar. The pure joy and peace that was felt on those trips has led to a deep love for the beach and carried over into our marriage as our first place to retreat is always the ocean. The first piece of jewelry Santiago bought me was a silver sand dollar necklace and we ended up getting married on the beaches of Mexico, so it seemed fitting to be a symbol of our company. 

We are very excited as we start this next adventure and can't wait to share our bags with you! We hope that you love them as much as we do.

Anna & Santiago Aguilar