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We guarantee our bags against any manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace it with the same style and color of bag. Replacement bags are covered under the 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for the original order; the 1 year warranty does not renew at the date of delivery of the replacement bag. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, we will issue a Store Credit for use on our website in the amount of the original purchase. Please note that irreparable items will not be returned.

What our warranty does not cover:

  • It does not cover wear and tear due to normal, proper use of product
  • Leather Wrinkles: full-grain leather is a natural hide that comes from a cow, and sometimes there are natural marks that come from the cow's environment.
  • Accidents: marks are made on the bag, it was set down in dirt, the bag is incorrectly cleaned or treated, something gets spilled on the bag, or any other sort of accidental misuse.
  • If it appears a bag was intentionally damaged we will not replace it
  •  All items purchased outside of our website through a secondhand-seller are also not covered under our warranty. Warranty is also not valid on products won through promotional giveaways. Due to Buy, Sale, Trade pages defective bags will only be replaced to the original owner or purchaser. 

    Please see below for warranty details regarding Outlet Sales;

    • An outlet is a bag that didn’t pass inspection but still qualifies for a 1-year structural warranty. It may have a nick or two on the leather, a minor stitching error not affecting the structure, or a slightly discolored spot in the leather. These are minor cosmetic differences that don’t affect the function or integrity of the bag. 
    To start a claim please contact us at info@frankie-lou.com. Please include photographs of the issue as well as your original order number.